5 Helpful Tips for Shooting Wedding Videos

wedding videographyShooting a wedding video is a bit of a challenge especially if you do it as a profession. Being a wedding videographer requires certain skills and knowledge. It is not an ordinary video that you are trying to produce but something more special and worth keeping – a wedding video. As a wedding videographer, you need to capture the emotions, expressions and real moments as they happen during the wedding.

You and your client need to talk and decide on what type of wedding video you are going to produce. Is it the cinematic type where you shoot different parts of the wedding and edit it later to add music and special effects? Or does your client prefer the documentary type where you record real-time happenings from start to finish? Both parties should fully understand and agree on the terms and conditions of the shoot.

For amateur videographers, you might feel nervous about covering your first wedding project. But then, don’t fret because with careful planning and preparation you can successfully shoot awesome wedding videos.

  1. Choose the right gear

The basic equipment one would need for shooting a video are the following: HDSLR or HD camcorder, audio recorder or wireless microphone and a tripod. Some equipment is expensive and if you can’t afford them yet, the alternate option is to rent. Remember to bring extra batteries and memory cards in case you will run out of storage.

  1. Study the location

Go to the venue a day or two before the wedding. You need to plan ahead on where to position yourself and when to do so. If you can attend a wedding rehearsal, then that would be better so you will know the wedding flow and can prepare better. Wedding professionals of Top Photography always make sure that they know the schedule and flow of the wedding.

Get also a copy of the itinerary so you know when the wedding is expected to start and end and the time the preparations will begin so you can include it in the shoot.

  1. Check your audio

Test all your equipment at least a day before the wedding. Make sure the audio can pick up the sound you want. If necessary, buy or rent a wireless microphone so you can pick up a clear sound especially if you are shooting a documentary of the wedding vows exchange.

It is also advisable to arrive at the venue at least an hour or two so you can setup your equipment and fix whatever is necessary.

  1. Coordinate with the wedding photographer

Know the essex wedding photographer and try to coordinate or know his plans for the wedding. It is best if a wedding photographer and videographer can plan together on how to shoot the wedding so no special moment will be missed and everything will be set in place.

  1. Zoom in for close ups

Close up shots of the couple and at times of their guests are important in a wedding video. It is of course their special day so the highlight should be the couple themselves.  You can include shots of the venue and the decorations in it at the start of your video. Zoom in if necessary especially during the key moments.

Keep in mind that the wedding is a very special event for the couple and as much as you want to capture the best moments, be considerate and avoid being intrusive. Record the wedding as discreetly as you can.

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Terrific Tuesday – the new Game of Thrones Trailer

For today’s Terrific Tuesday post I wanted to provide a little bit of inspiration in the form of the latest trailer video from the Game of Thrones producers. this is the quality all of us should inspire to in our work – whether it is an inidividual photograph or a short movie, or a cinematic masterpiece.

You should watch and disect every single frame of this video – look at the composition, the lighting, the framing and how they keep the tension rolling through with the dynamic camera angles and cut transitions.

Stunning filmography from some of the finest producers in the business.

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Beginners Guide To Shutter-Priority Mode

As you might know, most digital cameras use shutter priority shooting mode, thought his does not apply to the cheap auto-only camera models. Let us start by asking; what is “Shutter-Priority” mode on your DSLR camera?

Shutter-priority mode is a feature in DSLR camera where it is used in controlling the shutter speed of the object being photographed. Shutter-priority mode regulates the amount of light reaching the sensor to record a picture by controlling the actual time limit taken by the shutter to remains open. Therefore, if you have a small aperture, the shutter will remain open for a relatively short time. Shutter-priority mode also can affect how sharp or blurry your photo looks, depending on the amount of time it remains open.

Considerations when using shutter priority mode.

To create more impact on the image you are taking a photograph in certain situations, you have to consider the following while using shutter priority mode.

· When trying to freeze motions when taking the photograph, in order to achieve this you need to set the shutters peed higher than the speed of the object you are photographing.

· When trying to make moving objects look blurry in the photograph, to achieve this you need to ensure that you have set the shutter speed slower than the speed of the subject.

· When intending to use a telephoto lens without a tripod or if you have shaky hands, you have to ensure that you set the shutter speed high enough in such a case that you won’t introduce camera shake.

· While intending to shoot a video use a high shutter speed to make the video look jittery. This depends on an individual because it may be desirable or not.

How to use a shutter priority mode

Shutter priority mode is mainly used to ensure that the best image is captured when taking a photograph of a moving object. For instance, if you intend to capture the image of a racing car, but you want to freeze it completely to omit any motion blur. In such a case, you will opt to use a fast shutter speed like 1/3000.On the other hand, if you intend to photograph the car with motion blur to show how fast the car was moving you can opt for a slower shutter speed like 1/300. You should also consider that the depth of the field photographed depends on the speed of the shutter chosen. If you opt for a shutter speed that is fast, the depth of field will be narrow; on the other hand if you choose a slow shutter speed the depth of speed will be wider.

In case you are a newbie, you should know that taking photographs is a skill and requires experience to be best. It will require you to do some practice for you to get around this mode of capturing image photos. Do not be frustrated if your initial shots are not what you would expect them to look like. When you actually master the skill you will have way better control over your shots.

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