Doing Newborn Photography the Right Way

newborn photographyPhotographing babies is a fun and thrilling experience for photographers who are into newborn photography. These newborn photographers love the feeling of being able to capture the child’s innocence so parents can keep their newborn’s pictures and years after can reminisce this wonderful moment.

Parents, generally, hire newborn photographers to take pictures of their baby so they add hang it on the wall or keep the pictures in an album which they can show to their child years later. Newborn photographers are thus expected to produce images that show the cuteness and innocence of the baby. These newborn photographers must not only be great in taking pictures but they must also be knowledgeable in handling their fragile subject – the baby.

Unlike other types of photography wherein you can direct or give instructions to the subject, in newborn photography calgary, the photographer will have full control of the setup from the scene to the poses and of course with the baby’s safety. He/she needs to make sure that the baby is safe and sound from start to finish of the photo shoot.

It takes years of experience to be a great newborn photographer but nothing is impossible with determination and perseverance. You can become an awesome newborn photo shooter in no time, if you know the right way to do newborn photography.

Below are some tips to help you out.

1.       Study the light

Lighting is crucial in photography. You have to get sufficient light to be able to produce clear and captivating pictures. As a newborn photographer, it is best for you to study how to produce, adjust and find light before taking pictures. The natural light from the sun is definitely the best source of light and so you should as much as possible shoot in a location where natural light can get in. Move the curtains or open the windows so light can get inside your indoor set.

2.       Familiarize your camera and other equipment

You cannot produce awesome pictures if you do not know how to use you camera. You have to find time to study the controls, dials of your DSLR and know when to use the modes and features available in it. Furthermore, it would be an advantage if you know how and when to use a tripod and external flashes.

3.       Always orient the parents

It is one of your responsibilities to make sure that the parents know how to prepare their baby for the shoot. Offer suggestions on what time is best to shoot, what the baby should wear and even what they should do before the shoot so they baby will be in deep sleep during the session. The parents should also know what to expect from the session in terms of how many hours the shoot will last and what poses you plan to do with the baby.

4.       Practice and plan the poses methodically

As a new newborn photographer, avoid doing difficult poses that may harm or hurt the newborn. Start with the simple lying poses and just slight change your camera angles. If you want to apply advanced poses, you will have to learn from the expert and practice them before actually applying these poses. Frequent practice shooting with maybe dolls as pretend baby can help you determine what poses work and are safer and which ones are not.

5.       Clean and check the props or accessories

Babies are generally sensitive so you need to make sure that the props and accessories you will use are freshly laundered or sanitized. Check each prop also to see if there is no pointed object in it.  Keep these tips in mind when doing newborn photography so you can avoid doing mistakes that may harm your subject.

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