How to Get Started in Wedding Photography

wedding photographyStarting your own wedding photography is not easy. There are many factors you need to be aware of before starting your own business. These factors can make your business a success or a failure. Of course, you would not want to invest in something that will result to a failure. Hence, it is important that you need to prepare so you will have a higher chance at success.

Now, how does one get started in wedding photography? Is having the skill in photography enough? Well, apart from knowledge and skill in photography, there are other factors that you should consider before taking on your first wedding assignment.

  1. Choose the right camera and lenses

The basic equipment in wedding photography is a reliable camera. For weddings, the best camera is a full-frame sensor camera that is good in low light. This type of camera is expensive but is worth investing in if you desire to get high-quality, sharp pictures.  Two favorite brands that you can choose from are Canon and Nikon.  For the lenses, buy a zoom lens so you can get a good shoot even from afar. Get also a lens for macro shots and for portraits.

  1. Study and check settings of your camera

It is not enough that you own a great camera, you need to know how to use it as well. Spend time to study the features of your camera so you will know how to take advantage of each feature. Also, don’t forget to set the correct date and time in your camera so you don’t get confused when transferring files to your drive. Practice also how to use the different modes and know where each mode is suitable. Wedding Photographers Yorkshire always make sure that their cameras are all-set before going to the event.

  1. Set the pricing

In this business, you should know what prices are best for each service you are offering. Do a market research on what your competitors are offering and compute also your expenses before coming up with a final pricing. The price rates will depend on what you are covering whether you will start from wedding preparation to the post-wedding or just the wedding ceremony. Set also prices for individual services.

  1. Get your first client

The first ordeal that you will encounter is finding your first client. Most engaged couples won’t take risk in hiring someone who has just started. The best solution to this is to find friends who are willing to be your first client. Since this is your first project, make sure that you satisfy the couple and that their guests will be impressed with the pictures you took. A word of mouth goes a long way in making you succeed.

  1. Have a backup for each gear.

Never cover an event or wedding with only one camera or one lens. You should bring at least two of each – camera, lens, batteries and memory card. Be prepared for anything that might possibly go wrong. If your primary camera malfunctions, you need to have a backup camera so you can continue covering this once-in-a lifetime event. It is also best to use a tripod when taking group or portrait shots then set your camera to manual mode.

Starting your own wedding photography business is a bit risky. But then, if you have the skills, experience, determination and patience then you will surely succeed. Don’t limit yourself to only wedding photography. Engage yourself to other types of photography so you can get more income and be more financially stable.

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