How to Use the Apple Watch to Control your iPhone Camera

apple watchApple watch is the flagship smartwatch created by Apple Inc. and which was released just recently. This luxurious timepiece is considered by many as the best smartwatch today. It has a spectacular design with plenty of features that iPhone users will surely love using.  Let me repeat iPhone users – since this Apple Watch only works when connected with your iPhone 5 (or more recent versions) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Some of its remarkable features include:

  1. Health apps such as accelerometer, heart monitor sensor and gyroscope to help you track your daily movement and body condition
  2. Touch-screen interface with additional “digital crown” on the side which serves as the “home button” key for easy manipulation
  3. It has a built-in speaker and microphone for making and receiving calls
  4. Another small button below the digital crown on the right side which functions as the communication tool for receiving and sending messages
  5. It can function as a remote control for Apple TV and other same brand devices
  6. Siri – your personal digital assistant which can answer your questions, make calls and send messages for you, etc.
  7. Camera remote used for easy access of your iPhone camera.
  8. Apple Pay feature wherein you can send payment once you have added your credit or debit card details
  9. Camera Remote app which can function as a remote control for your iPhone camera.

For those who love to take pictures using their iPhone, they can easily capture and even view images from their iPhone using the Camera Remote app in their Apple Watch. Even this Kent Wedding Photographer owns one and loves it.

Here are the steps to use the Camera Remote app:

  1. Connect your Apple watch to your iPhone 5 via Bluetooth or Wi-fi.
  2. Open the Camera Remote application in your Apple Watch.
  3. Choose between the two options: Instant Snap and 3-second delay. With instant snap, the subject will be photographed right away while with 3-second delay the subject has 3 seconds to prepare for the shot.
  4. Before you shoot, you can take a look at the “live view” display so you will know what your iPhone will capture.
  5. To adjust focus or exposure, you can press any part of the preview. This helps in finding a good focal point for your shoot.

Apple Watch is also great in taking selfie pictures because you can just place the iPhone on a tripod and press on the Camera Remote app in the Apple Watch once you are ready. It can also be done in taking group shots like in weddings. Wedding Photographer Nottingham had tried it once.

Additionally, you can use the 3-second delay of the Camera Remote app together with the iPhone’s burst mode shoot to take more than 1 image. That way you can choose which pictures look best.

The Apple watch is indeed a great device for photo enthusiasts and fitness buffs but then it is not necessary to buy especially for those who don’t have any extra to pay for it. Apple watch is somehow costly so you will have to think twice or a couple of times before getting one.

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