Major Reasons to Buy DSLR Cameras

dslr cameraAmong the different types of cameras today, the most popular is perhaps the DSLR camera. DSLR or digital single reflex is a type of camera that uses a mirror and prism system wherein the mirror behind the lens sends the light to the viewfinder. DSLR is the most advanced among digital cameras and is considered the best for professional photographers.

You will notice that most professional photographers now use a DSLR when covering weddings, events or when shooting in a studio for a portrait photo session. Even landscape and street photographers use DSLRs when capturing their subjects. These professionals have many reasons for choosing a DSLR over other types of camera. If you plan to buy a camera soon but still undecided whether to get a DSLR, then below are major reasons you should buy a DSLR camera.

Interchangeable Lens

There are plenty of interchangeable lenses that you can choose to buy and attach to your DSLR. There are DSLRs that are best for weddings while there are some that are ideal for sports photography or portrait shooting. Select the lenses based on what type of photography you are into or what subject you usually photographer. Do a research before making a final buy.


DSLRs offer so much flexibility that can help you produce your desired image. There are plenty of controls and dials on the camera. There is also a broad selection of shooting modes as well as controls that you can choose from and adjust whenever necessary to achieve your expected shot.

Great control

A photographer can control almost all the controls and functions in a DSLR unit in order to attain his type of shot. You can change the shutter speed and aperture, alter exposure or the focus as well as zoom in or out. Study the features of your camera so you can better plan on how to compose a shot. There are totally many different things you can control or do with a DSLR camera. The ability to control the functions is what creative professional photographers really love about DSLRs.


DSLRs are no doubt faster than point-and-shoot and mirrorless cameras. They can capture fast moving subjects and even zoom in to take a closer shot. There is no electronic shutter lag thus making the processing of image fast. This is important for wedding photographers dorset who attempt to get candid shots of fleeting moments during a wedding.

Clear image

The large sensors of DSLR cameras help in producing amazingly sharp and detailed images. Even entry-level DSLRs with not so high megapixels can produce very clear pictures that are great for print or even just as saved digital file. Professional photographers of quirky wedding photography always try to get clear and very sharp images from their DSLR cameras.

Low light capability

The ISO in DSLRs is a big plus factor in producing high-quality pictures even in low light. ISO refers to the amount of light that the camera’s sensor can allow it to get in. You can adjust the ISO to a higher number so more light can get in although high ISO sometimes creates “noise” and can make the image look grainy. You will need to choose just the right ISO to avoid this noise. There are camera sensors though that are more sensitive and can handle high ISO.

Each DSLR especially the more advanced types have special features like Image stabilization that can make you realize how great DSLR cameras are. These DSLRs can definitely produce your desired shots if you just spend time in familiarizing and eventually mastering its controls and special functions.

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