Pros and Cons of Buying an Apple Watch

apple watchApple Inc. is known for making products that make their loyal fans scramble to be the first to buy the newest. Their most recent product today is the Apple Watch. Some Apple fans already bought an Apple watch while others are still undecided on whether the Apple Watch is worth buying.

There are 3 types of Apple watches to choose from: Apple Sports Watch, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. The cheapest is the Apple sports watch which you can buy at $349 or $399 dependent on the size you want.

Following behind is the Apple watch which can be bought for $549 to $1,099 with different designs and sizes to choose from. The most expensive is the Apple watch edition with price ranging from $10,000 to $17,000.

To help you decide on whether an Apple watch is worth buying, here are some reasons you should buy or not buy an Apple watch:


  1. First-class design

Apple watch is without doubt a very well-designed smartwatch today. You will be impressed by its awesome, elegant design that you cannot help but be proud when wearing it. It is also comfortable to wear because the size is just right – not too heavy or bulky. London wedding photographer really loves the design.

  1. Plenty of health apps

With an Apple watch, you can easily monitor your heart rate, steps count and calories burned. You can add more health apps from the many 3rd party apps available in the Apple Store.

  1. Different functionalities

Apple watch is more than just a luxurious smartwatch. You can do a lot of things through it. Some of its functionalities include making calls, reading messages, tracking your health and adding 3rd party apps depending on your likes and lifestyle.

  1. Collector’s item

This Apple watch is definitely worth collecting or keeping. If you love collecting watches, then in the future you will most likely include this Apple watch in your prized collections. Photographer Berkshire might consider adding this to his collection.


  1. Expensive

Apple watch can be considered expensive for those who don’t really have extra money for it. There are smartwatches or regular watches that you can buy at a cheaper price. It is safe to say that Apple watch is best for only those who can really afford it. Don’t try to squeeze it in your budget if you really can’t afford it.

  1. Limited to iPhone owners

An Apple watch only works when connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. Hence, you need to own an iPhone in order to make it work.

  1. Fast battery drain

The battery drains fast and won’t last for 24 hours. You will have to charge it every night. When you frequently use it, the battery will only last for about 3 hours. This can be quite a hassle for those who don’t like charging their devices from time to time.

Now, it’s up for you to decide if this smartwatch is worth buying. The biggest factor to consider is certainly the price.

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