Setting Up a Simple Photography Studio

photography studioOwning a photography studio is what most photographers desire to have. They want a place where they can keep their valuable stuff, work on photo editing after a photo session and even take pictures of their clients. Portrait photographers are generally the ones who really need a photography studio so they can have a place to receive and take pictures of their clients.

A photography studio can be a rented space or a room right inside the photographer’s own home. If you want to save on cost and you have an available room then you can consider a home photo studio. Now, if you are concerned on the cost of putting up you own studio, then you don’t have to worry too much. You can start with a simple photo studio and not spend a lot. Below are some helpful tips on setting up a simple photography studio.

  1. Look for a room that is spacious enough

A photo studio does not have to be too big or wide. It just needs to have a ceiling that is at least 8 feet in length and a width of at least 20 feet in the shooting area itself. The ceiling needs to be high enough so you get real-life images of the subject especially if the person is standing. The distance between you and your client must be at least 15 feet so you can still zoom in and out and look for the right angle to get the shot you need.

  1. Buy simple rolls of paper as background

Your background does not have to be fancy or too expensive. There are cheap rolls of paper that you can buy and position between two stands to serve as your background. You can also consider buying a fabric background, there are fabrics that are not that expensive but are of good quality.

  1. Position near a big window

Natural daylight is still the best source of light, hence, the need to have a big window in your photo studio. You can also purchase blinds or curtains so you can soften the light entering the room when the sunlight is too bright. Light modifiers like umbrellas and soft boxes are also useful.

  1. Start purchasing the basic photography equipment

The first few items you need are a dependable camera, lenses, tripod, and strobe. You can start with an entry level DSLR or a DSLR you can afford. For the lenses, you can have 3 to 4 as a start. Your choice of lens must depend on the type of shots you need. A tripod, on the other hand, can provide stability for your camera so you can get the best and highest possible image quality.

  1. Keep your room well-ventilated

Your studio must be well ventilated to keep your client feel relaxed and comfortable especially if they are waiting for their turn to be photographed. A well-ventilated room is also conducive for work so you can feel at ease when editing images during post production.

If you plan and research carefully, you can surely find the best items to buy that are affordable and really useful for your studio and for overall work. Follow the tips above and you will surely find it easier to setup even a simple photography studio. If you think you need more training and knowledge, consider taking photography courses to gain more skills.

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