Six Ways to Network with Fellow Wedding Vendors

wedding vendorsIn the wedding industry, the way you treat people you work with can have a huge impact in your business. A Los Angeles wedding photographer, for example, will be working with the wedding caterer, DJ, florist and other professionals in one particular wedding. He needs to get along with them, not only for the wedding to run smoothly, but also to create a great image for his business. A good image can possibly lead to more clients his way in the future.

Having a strong network of wedding vendors can be an advantage for wedding photographers particularly beginners. They can get more clients through referrals from their network of wedding professionals. For wedding photographers, there are several ways to network with fellow wedding vendors.

  1. Join bridal, wedding or networking events

From time to time, there are wedding or bridal events hosted by different companies or organizers who are into weddings. Be in the know on what the upcoming events are in your area, grab tickets or secure slots. Attending such events can help you connect with the right people to network with.

  1. Give credit to wedding vendors

After working on a wedding, you can post a wedding picture on your online accounts and mention the name of other wedding professionals. Give credit to the designer who made the bride’s gown that added beauty to your picture or to the florist who prepared the flowers and decors in the scene. The wedding vendors will surely appreciate your kind gesture and this can be a good start for a wonderful working relationship.

  1. Refer them to your clients

Networking is not only about getting clients through other wedding professionals but also sending clients their way. If you happen to have a client looking for a wedding planner or a florist, you can refer them to a credible vendor you have worked with before. These wedding vendors will most likely do the same to you.

  1. Feature them on your website

During off peak season or while you are still preparing to start a business, you can build a website and feature a wedding vendor you have met through an event or a common friend. Ask him/her if you can take pictures of their office, his creations or products for free. The picture will not only promote the vendor’s business but can be a good additional to your site.

  1. Get active online

Since most businesses can be found online, you should also get your business exposed over the Internet. Build a website, create social media accounts and join forums or groups for wedding professionals. Connect with other wedding vendors online to exchange ideas or even send and receive clients. Aside from meeting new people, you can also learn a lot from reading information shared by fellow wedding photographers such as this wedding photographer kent.

  1. Take them out for coffee

Meeting or introducing yourself to other wedding professionals can be a good start to building your network. But then, you should not stop there. Ask for their phone number or email and a day or two after the event, you can give them a call or send an email. Talk over a cup of coffee and have a casual talk to get to know each other.

The most important part of networking with wedding professionals is to always give thanks. Remember to say thank you every time someone does something good to you. Be nice also to everyone you meet and work with for this can bring good karma to you and your business.

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7 Essential Wedding Preparation Tips for Couples

wedding preparationWedding is a once in a lifetime experience that couples would love to do on their own. Planning and preparing your own wedding occasion might be a challenge for some, but it is a challenge worth taking in. It surely feels great and exciting to be looking for a wedding venue, trying out different wedding dresses and choosing a wedding cake. Another thrilling part is to hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of the happenings during your wedding. Years after the wedding, you will be smiling upon looking at the pictures of your memorable union in marriage.

Planning for a wedding can be stressful though if you do not know what to do or where to start planning. To help you become more prepared for this special event, here are some essential wedding preparation tips for you and your partner.

  1. Set a budget for the wedding event

There are many things you need to pay or buy for your wedding. If you don’t set your budget right, you might overspend which may cause problems to you and your partner. By creating a budget, you will have a guide on how much you can spend for the dress, for the venue, for the wedding photography service and other important services and wedding items.

  1. Start planning early

As soon as engagement has been done, you can start planning for the wedding. You can begin by choosing a wedding date and look for a wedding venue then the rest follows. You should set enough time so everything will run smoothly. Longer time will allow you to check every detail for the wedding so nothing can possibly go wrong.

  1. Plan and work together

During the planning stage, you will need to hire wedding vendors and set appointments. It is best if both you and your partner will go to every appointment together. You need to allocate time for these meetings and mutually agree on which caterer to hire, what theme to choose or who to hire as your official photographer. Be prepared physically, emotionally and mentally for any challenge you will encounter during the wedding. Remember that this doesn’t happen every day so be patient and determined in making this special day successful.

  1. Set a timeline for all major tasks

You have to set a timeline for each and try to reach your target dates. For example, you will try to hire a kent wedding photographer at least 6 months before the wedding or have your wedding dress finished two weeks before the wedding. Creating a timeline can guide you better when planning for your wedding.

  1. Put someone in charge

Hiring a wedding coordinator is important because he/she can give suggestions and tips on how to make your wedding work. You can either hire a coordinator or assign someone from your family to help you out. Your assigned person can be the go-to person of your wedding photographer as well as other wedding vendors when they need something and you are not available.

  1. Hire professionals

As much as you want to lessen the wedding expenses, never hire incompetent people to work on your wedding. You will surely regret your decision of hiring a wedding photographer who offered you a cheaper wedding photography package and you ended up receiving unclear, ugly images. It is better to compare packages, do background checks before deciding on which wedding photographer, videographer, florist and other wedding professionals to hire.

  1. Enjoy the moment

This is supposedly your big day and both of you should enjoy it to the fullest. Do not fret too much on minor things. Just prepare a backup and everything will surely fall into the right place.

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