When to Use a Telephoto Lens

use lensWe all know that apart from a reliable camera body, a professional photographer also needs to choose the right to lens in taking shots. The lens choice must depend on what type of photography you are into or what kind of shot you are aiming for.

The normal focal length of a lens is 50 mm and there are lenses that have fixed focal length called prime lenses. On the other hand, there are lenses that can be zoomed and its length can be 200mm and higher. When you zoom in your lens to its maximum length, your subject gets magnified and may appear bigger and closer to you. A lens that can be adjusted to above 50mm length is called a telephoto lens.

A telephoto lens is normally more expensive than standard zoom lens and prime lens. The cost will depend of course on the brand, model type and other factors. If you are planning to buy a telephoto lens, you need to assess if you really need one and when should you use it. Here are some ways you can use a telephoto lens.

  1. Photograph without being noticed

If you are into wedding or street photography, a telephoto lens can help you capture moments or subjects discreetly. Your chosen subjects may not notice you are taking shots of them. In weddings, this lens can be useful when shooting the wedding ceremony. You can take shots unobtrusively and the couple can have a solemn exchange of vows. London wedding photographer finds a telephoto lens very helpful in wedding photography.

  1. Take shots from afar when getting near is not allowed

A telephoto lens can help a wildlife photographer take shots of animals from afar. The photographer can zoom in to his subjects (let’s say a fierce lion) without having to get close to it. This can help keep a photographer remain safe even when doing his job.

  1. Fill the frame with your subject

At times when the background of your subjects doesn’t look nice and you don’t want to include it, you can use a telephoto lens. The lens can fill the frame with only your subject in it. You can also use it if you simply want to isolate your subject so the focus of the viewers will only in it.

  1. Capture headshots without cropping

For portrait photographers who aim to capture head or half body shots, a telephoto lens can be used to zoom in to the subject and fill the frame with only the head or chosen body part. No need to crop the image later. More natural looking shots will be also produced since the subject will feel more comfortable being photographed from a distance.

  1. Catch fast action moments

A telephoto lens is a must have lens for sports photographers particularly those covering football, soccer, or similar sport. A sports photographer normally cannot get near the action and the best way to capture shots from afar is through a telephoto lens. You can set the telephoto lens to capture a sharp image of your subject with the background blurred and out of focus. Wedding photographers dorset have already mastered how to use a telephoto lens.

A telephoto lens is a without a doubt an important lens that a professional photographer like you must buy. Look for more information on how you can take advantage of a telephoto lens so it can help produce the shots you desire.

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